25 May 2010

Ashton - Stephen's Park {Columbia, Mo}

Last weekend I had a meeting with a friend of mine over lunch to talk about the final details of her wedding that I am shooting in late June. After lunch at TGI Friday's in Columbia, we made a quick stop at Stephen's Park. It was HOT outside and I was a dummy and wore jeans and a long sleeved tshirt. Stephen's Park was packed. I hadn't been there in a LONG time and forgot how much fun it is.

Ashton is about to turn 1 and was just beginning to try to walk.  I didn't get to see him try to walk, but he was able to hold himself up for some photos. I thought they turned out quite well if I do so say myself. It's easy though when you have such a cute subject to photograph. :)  Here are a few of the shots. I can't wait for their wedding in late June! I'm sure I'll capture many more cute shots of the little guy.


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