26 August 2012

NEW WEBSITE - Columbia, MO Wedding Photographer

Exciting news! I've joined efforts with another wedding photographer in Columbia, MO and we have started a new company together called Fresh Inspirations Photography.

Please follow us on our new website:

You can still stay in contact with me via email or phone or even on Facebook or Pinterest.

Phone: 573-682-2326
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08 February 2012

Blog Under Construction

Please bare with me as I update the design of my blog...


01 January 2011

Cayge's Christmas Photo: Columbia, Mo Photographer

In early December, I did a Christmas session with my nephew, Cayge. It was a hilarious two hours - working with a 1 year old can be very interesting! The background paper ripped, my dad had to keep focus on the glass of milk so it didn't spill, and Cayge kept trying to crawl away - I'm sure it would have been such a laugh if someone were to have been watching us! It wasn't until we brought out the cookies, that we really got him to settle down and stay in place long enough to take a photo.

I can't wait to do more of these next Christmas when I'm not pregnant!


Chelsey, Johnny, and Drayden: Columbia, Mo Photographer

I'm sooooo far behind on blogging photos! Below are a few of my favorites from a session I did back in November. Enjoy! :)


15 September 2010

Lil' Cowboy & Cowgirl Mini Sessions @ Carter's Work & Western Wear in Kirksville, Mo

Now booking appointments for the Lil' Cowboy and Cowgirl Mini Photo Sessions! The photo session take place in the field area behind Carter's Work & Western Wear in Kirksville, Mo. Other details about the photo session and how to book your appointment are below!

25 May 2010

Ashton - Stephen's Park {Columbia, Mo}

Last weekend I had a meeting with a friend of mine over lunch to talk about the final details of her wedding that I am shooting in late June. After lunch at TGI Friday's in Columbia, we made a quick stop at Stephen's Park. It was HOT outside and I was a dummy and wore jeans and a long sleeved tshirt. Stephen's Park was packed. I hadn't been there in a LONG time and forgot how much fun it is.

Ashton is about to turn 1 and was just beginning to try to walk.  I didn't get to see him try to walk, but he was able to hold himself up for some photos. I thought they turned out quite well if I do so say myself. It's easy though when you have such a cute subject to photograph. :)  Here are a few of the shots. I can't wait for their wedding in late June! I'm sure I'll capture many more cute shots of the little guy.


24 April 2010

Your Camera Takes Really Good Pictures

I saw this comic strip on MCP's blog and it cracked me up. Saying "you camera takes really good pictures" to a photographer is like saying "your pen writes really good books" to an author. I think every aspiring photographer can relate. It came from :-)



18 April 2010

Jeremy & Leanna

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking Leanna and Jeremy's engagment photos. We started bright and early at 9am on Saturday. We had already had to reschedule once due to rain, and I was really hoping it didn't end up raining that day as well. The rain cleared up around 8:00 for us. We met down town near Shakespear's in Columbia and went to a bunch of different places.

Here are a couple from the Mizzou Campus on the Quad in Columbia:

I loved the red doors of the First Christian Church in Columbia. Here are a couple shots:

And last - my favorite photo from the entire shoot:

I had a blast with them and can't wait to shoot their wedding.

On another note, I finally got my new camera last Monday. I've been playing with it all week and will hopefully get some new pictures posted soon!


Carter's Work and Western Wear

A few months ago when I was visiting my parents and sister in Kirksville, I took a few photos of the inside of their store. They had changed a few things - so here are some updated photos. I was also testing out my new flash. We also played "dress up" - I got dressed up in 100% cowgirl get-up...but I'm definitely not sharing those embarrassing photos... :-)

14 March 2010


Last weekend when I was home visiting my family, my grandparents came over with my favorite cousin, Aidyn. He was such a ball of energy! We played peek-a-boo and it was a never ending game. We had to play by his rules though. I would count and he would  hide, but when i would say "ready or not, here i come," he would come running out of his hiding place yelling and laughing. After about 3 times i taught him how to stay hidden until i could find him. It was a lot of fun. Anyways - here's a picture of the little guy.

Much love,